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“You fool. No man can kill me.”

How many times am I allowed to reblog this before it gets weird?


Fun facts: Tolkien constructed this scene because he came out of Macbeth thinking that Shakespeare had missed a golden opportunity with the ”Be bloody, bold, and resolute; laugh to scorn the power of man, for none of woman born shall harm Macbeth” prophecy

Same thing applies to the Forest of Fangorn fucking up Isengard’s day.

Seriously Macbeth’s little prophecy loophole was bullshit you go Tolkien

Seriously, if I was ever a villain and had a prophecy foretell something about me, I would hire an entire legal firm to poke through it looking for any possible ways around it. Prophecy loopholes have brought down many an overconfident villain.

Get some five-year-olds on your team, too.

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Kissing in the Rain Fic: Hands

He has amazing hands.

She can’t believe she didn’t notice before, and she’s pissed as hell that she’s noticing now, in the middle of a take, but good God, his hands are gorgeous. He would have perfect specimens of the one body part she has always found irresistible.        

She’s supposed to be a professional, but no, here she is, in the middle of filming a scene, distracted for a full three seconds by the strong, defined contours of his fingers and the perfect picture they make wrapped around her own and pressed to his chest.

She rescues the take, though, because she is a professional, and when she finally, belatedly, looks away from his phenomenal hands and back into his face, she just hopes that no one noticed how long it took.

She is not that lucky.

“What was that long pause about?” James asks in an undertone after the cut while they wait for the scene to be reset. Lily hopes desperately that her furious blush is not discernible under all the makeup.

“Just … trying something different,” she mumbles. “Sorry, didn’t mean to throw you off.”

“No, no,” he reassures her quickly. “I – I liked it, actually. Made it seem like you were remembering something important.”

She latches onto his explanation, grateful in a way that she’ll never explain to him (ignoring the warmth his compliment sends down into her stomach), because yes, of course it was an acting choice, she was reliving the memory of the first time George told Mary he loved her, naturally, and that is exactly what she will tell anyone who asks.

No one asks. But Pam has eyes and ears everywhere, and there is some furious texting with Sirius happening that night.

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